Success Stories

~~To whom it may concern,

I am a Division I student-athlete attending the University of Cincinnati. I recently was named the Big East Champion and Big East Most Outstanding Field Performer in the Pentathlon at the Indoor Championships track and field meet. After this, I went on to receive the title of All-American Athlete after placing 7th at the NCAA National Track and Field Championship meet.

 In previous years, I struggled just to finish my competition at the Big East Championship meet. I suffered from a high hamstring injury as well as constant pain in my lower back and hips. I’d visited many different doctors, physical therapists, and sports trainers for years for the same injury with no success in rehabilitation. I was rarely able to train, and I was ready to give up running altogether.

My coach recommended that I see Dr. Neville, who helped him when he was a student-athlete. I initially didn’t think a Chiropractor would be able to help me with a hamstring issue, but I was willing to try almost anything at that point. Dr. Neville was able to recognize the built up scar-tissue in my hamstring causing my discomfort immediately, and he determined my hip and back pain was due to an issue with my spine. Two to three times a week he would perform the Graston Technique, place me on the spine decompression table, and provide me with exercises I could perform to relieve pain.

Within the first week, I was able to complete a strenuous workout for the first time in months. After two weeks, I was 100% pain free and able to push myself in competition, which led to me breaking 2 school records. Finding Dr. Neville has truly been a blessing. Not only is he an amazing doctor, he is also extremely polite and professional. He really listens to his patients issues and frustrations, rather than just giving a diagnosis and moving on to some unnecessary treatment. His incredible techniques not only assisted me with my pain, but also helped me to end my senior year of athletics in a very memorable way. Thank you Dr. Neville, instead of sitting at home in pain, I am now training for the Olympic trials in the Women’s Heptathlon.

Thank you Dr. Neville,

~~Dear Dr. Neville,

I really don’t know how to thank you enough. After being in two rear-end accidents within 2 years, my back was a mess. I went to physical therapy, chiropractors, neurosurgeons, and even an acupuncturist. For the past 8 years, I have been on about every pain medicine known to man, from Vicodin, to morphine patches, to Percocet, to Oxycontin. I was a walking pharmacy! The worst part was that I was still in pain. After that long, depression becomes a natural part of pain, so I also had a run with various kinds of anti-depressants, (along with the wonderful side effects associated with some of them). At one point, I was taking 14 pills a day just for pain and depression. Then my body got so run down from all the drugs that I got really sick and had to go on leave from work for 8 months. And the worst part was I WAS STILL IN PAIN!!

Then, by the grace of God, I was referred to you, Dr. Neville. Between your access to the right tools, (for me the disc decompression table) and your knowledge of when to use the tools and adjustments, I’m not in pain anymore! After just the second visit, my back had significantly improved and after a couple weeks; Wow! It was like a miracle! I thought I would never feel this good again.

I can’t thank you enough. My husband can’t thank you enough. My family can’t thank you enough. I take NO pain medicine now. Nothing, nada, zip. I don’t need it, thanks to you. I have my life back, before it’s too late to enjoy it. Thank you really doesn’t seem like enough, so if I ever win the lottery, I’ll cut you in. LOL! (Really)

Thank you,

~~Dear Dr. Neville,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you a thousand times over! The pain I’ve felt in my neck, shoulder, and arm for months is all but gone! I wasted so much time and money talking to other doctors about my pain, each time getting a slightly different diagnosis but the same prescription, do stretches and eventually the pain will probably go away. You were my last hope.

After a consultation and some x-rays you had a totally different diagnosis and a cure (we had hoped)! I was skeptical at first, hearing too many horror stories about people who went to Chiropractors and ended up feeling worse, obviously they didn’t go see you. So here I am, a few months later feeling well again with full use of my arm. For that I will always be grateful to you.


~~ My name is Robin and I am 15 years old. For almost a year, I had a migraine every day, sometimes all day. I couldn’t go outside even if it was cloudy because of that small amount of light would burn between my eyes and I couldn’t go to band class because it was too loud. I fainted about every other day and was constantly dizzy; sometimes my vision would black out so I couldn’t see anything while fully conscious with my eyes wide open. I had every test imaginable done on me, blood tests, MRIs, you name it. I also tried more prescriptions than I can list, but nothing helped at all…until we received a free consultation to Dr. Neville’s office.

As soon as he put my neck and back in place, I felt the pressure leave. 3 months later, it was completely gone!!! I have gone over a month without a migraine now and it feels amazing to have my life back and not be limited in everything I do. Dr. Neville, I can never thank you enough for helping me when no one else could.

Forever grateful,

~~To whom it may concern,

I am a track and field athlete for the University of Cincinnati. I developed an upper hamstring injury which prevented me from running. After resting for a full month with no improvement, I began a very strict rehabilitation program with the University trainers and staff. Four days a week, for 2 more months, I performed a variety of rehabilitation exercises and still saw very little improvement. During this time, I saw the University doctor as well as multiple other sports medicine personnel. I even received an MRI which came back negative, but I could still not run.

Going into my last year of eligibility, with aspirations of becoming an All-American in the Decathlon, I became desperate. I began looking for another doctor. By accident, I contacted Dr. Neville. Nevertheless, while on the phone with him, he asked what my problem was. After listening to my explanation of the problem, he explained Graston Technique. He told me that he was certified in this technique and that he thought it could be very helpful for my situation. Skeptically, I agreed to give it a try. Through Dr. Neville’s application of the Graston Technique, after just one week, I saw more improvement than in the previous 3 months! After 3 weeks, I wasn’t just able to run, I was able to all out sprint. Dr. Neville continued to work with me and I was able to resume my strenuous training regimen with no reoccurrence of the injury. The entire staff at Edgewood Spine and Rehab has been nothing but extremely courteous and helpful. Dr. David Neville and his staff have my highest recommendation.

P.S.- Shortly after this letter was written, Chris achieved his goal as All-American in the Decathlon!

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